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"The Euphrat is a great bridge from the classroom to the real world. Working as a classroom assistant in the Arts & Schools Program has confirmed for me that I really want to be an art teacher. I've been able to work with several teachers and it's been like a master/apprentice situation - I've learned so much. The children's artwork and the shows I've seen at the Euphrat have really inspired me in my own artwork. Every show I've been to at the museum has made me say 'Wow.' I always look forward to what will come next. It's so great to have this resource right here on campus."

Joanne Vadeboncouer, De Anza art major

The Euphrat Museum of Art at De Anza College serves a culturally diverse, technologically sophisticated, urban community undergoing rapid economic and cultural changes. The Euphrat Museum mission is to provide a venue and resource for visual ideas and communication that stimulate creativity and an interest in art among audiences of all ages.

Our vision is to create interdisciplinary thinking and partnerships and to provide a place for art and art-related scholarship while fostering discussion that crosses national, academic, and cultural boundaries. The Euphrat provides for a spectrum of interactions with a large and diversified public, working on and off campus with specialists in all educational disciplines.

A Comprehensive Program
The Euphrat Museum provides the following:

Art Exhibitions
The Museum produces and presents challenging exhibitions and accompanying educational programs. It is a valuable venue for local and distant emerging and established artists, and a source for exchange of ideas relevant to our times.

Arts Education
The Museum provides an outstanding Arts & Schools Program, primarily in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, at various school and community sites. Approximately 32,500 student instruction hours were provided last year.

Public Art Projects
Each year the Museum creates public art projects involving elementary and middle school students, De Anza student interns, and Euphrat artist/teachers.

Award-winning Programs
The Museum and staff members have received many local and national awards over the years.
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