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List of Projects

Project Name Scope of Work
ADA Architectural Barrier Removal Maintenance Signage
Admissions,Counseling Renovation
ATC Renovation
Asbestos Removal Maintenance
Asphalt Walk Repair Maintenance
Athletic Fields Renovation
Auto Tech/Mach Tool (E-1, 2) Renovation
Benches, Receptacles, Roads, Lights, etc. Maintenance
California History Center Renovation
Campus Center (CC-1) Renovation Bookstore/Snack
Campus Center (CC-2) Renovation Campus Center
Campus Entries/Improvements New Facility
Child Development Center Renovation
Cottages (C-1, C-2) Renovation
Creative Arts (A-1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9) Renovation Design/Photo/Crafts/TV/Euphrat
Creative Arts (A-4) Renovation Division Office
Drafting (E-3) Renovation
Faculty Offices (F-1,2,3,4,5,6,S-9) Renovation F-Quad
L-Quad Renovation Soc. Sci./Journalism/Foreign Lang./ Bus. Div.
Fire Alarm Maintenance
Fire Sprinkler Maintenance
Flood Control Maintenance
Forum Renovation
G Building Renovation
HV Cable Maintenance
Kirsch Center New Facility
Learning Center Renovation
Maintenance Center (T-9) Renovation
Mech/Elec Building Renovation
Mobile Village Renovation
Parking Facility New Facility
Parking Structure (P) Renovation
Planetarium Renovation
Physical Education PE-1, PE-2 Renovation Auxiliary Gym, Main Gym
Physical Education PE-3 Renovation Pool/Faculty Offices
Physical Education PE-4, 5 Renovation Faculty Offices
Physical Education PE-6 Renovation Locker Room
PSME S-1, 3,4,5,7,8 Renovation Physics/Geology/Math
Print Shop Renovation
Public Transit Center New Facility
Repairs Parking & Roads Maintenance
Restrooms (L-5, OER, S-2, S-6) Renovation
Safety/Emergency Maintenance
Science Center New Facility
Seminar Renovation
Stadium Maintenance
Student/Community Services New Facility
Utility Maintenance
Water Line Maintenance

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